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SKW Constructors (a Skanska, Kiewit, and Weeks Marine Joint Venture) is the design-build contractor for the Elizabeth River Tunnels (ERT) Project. The Project is technically challenging and the new Midtown Tunnel must be built under an active waterway and federal channel. Power Dynamics has been contracted by our Client SKW to provide Fluid Power Engineering and Design on key pieces of the Hydraulic Systems to meet these technical challenges.  PDI was also contracted to manufacture these key system components.

The Elizabeth River Tunnels (ERT) Project was named the #1 Road Project in North America in 2014 by Roads & Bridges magazine.  The magazine highlighted ERT’s commitment to quality construction of the new Midtown Tunnel, which will carry two lanes of westbound traffic from Norfolk to Portsmouth. The Project’s Design-Build partner, SKW Constructors, a Skanska, Kiewit, Weeks Joint Venture (JV), was recognized for the successful implementation of the Project’s more challenging and complex elements.

Midtown Tunnel

The existing US 58 Midtown Tunnel is the most heavily traveled two-lane road east of the Mississippi. Since it opened in 1952, population has increased nearly 70% and tunnel usage by 600%. A second tunnel is being built to relieve congestion and improve safety by eliminating bi-directional traffic in the existing Midtown Tunnel. The new Midtown Tunnel will increase capacity and reduce congestion on US 58 between Norfolk and Portsmouth. PDI provided key components including the Raker Pile Driving System, the Screed Barge and Backfill Barge Hydraulic and Control Systems and the Lay Barge Winch Refurbishment and New

Control Systems. PDI also updated the Hydraulic Piping Systems and provided Containerized Climate Controlled Operation Control Structures.

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