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Hydraulic Electric Powered WinchesPower Dynamics Innovations LLC, PDI, has been a fluid power industry specialist since 1984. PDI stands today as a leader in the industry providing engineering, manufacturing and field service solutions to the fluid power industry.

Located within the John C. Stennis Space Center in
Southeast Mississippi, our team of 56 full time employees understands the challenges of the diverse and ever changing needs of our customers. Those needs include the ability to lease high quality fluid power equipment.

As a manufacturer of fluid power equipment, PDI offers for rental Hydraulic Power Units, Rental Winches and Custom Configured Specialty Products that will meet our customer’s short term equipment needs. These rental products can be configured to provide our customers with a short term cost effective solution to various equipment requirements.

With over 300 years of combined experience our team of professionals can provide you with an equipment rental solution that will meet and or exceed your expectations.

We believe the key to the successful renting of high quality hydraulic equipment is in the servicing and maintenance of the equipment. Customers expect their rental equipment to function without issues. Failing to pursue an aggressive hydraulic maintenance program can lead to equipment failure in a relatively short period of time. The reality is that many leasing companies believe that by simply checking the fluid levels of their hydraulic equipment they are performing all of the maintenance necessary to keep it running smoothly, which is, of course, wrong.

PDI’s rental equipment maintenance program is proactive and adhering to such a program produces savings in machine performance, elongated component life, increased fluid life, reducing premature equipment failures and equipment downtime with fewer repairs down the road. The key maintenance components include maintaining hydraulic fluid cleanliness, optimum hydraulic fluid temperature and viscosity, along with maintaining the hydraulic systems settings in accordance to specifications and scheduling hydraulic component change-outs prior to actual failure.

Of course, no matter how careful you use the equipment for your projects, or how well trained users are, there are aspects that can produce equipment failure. PDI offers on-site 24/7 service. We can mobilize our skilled service technicians within a few hours.

Our lease agreements include 24/7 “Free” phone assistance and if required PDI will dispatch a field service technician to address issues with our leased equipment. PDI stands behind our leased equipment, but issues relating to operator errors and or failures relating to abuse and damage to our equipment, the customer will be required to pay for the field service dispatch and the cost to fix the equipment. With proper notice of an equipment failure, and no issues relating to operator errors and or failures from abuse or damage customers will not be billed for equipment down time. For information relating to the other benefits of leasing from PDI please review our Terms and Conditions Document.

Equipment available through lease with PDI:
Hydraulic and Electric Winches
Hydraulic Power Units

Specialty Products

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